Extreme Weight Loss Surgery

Achieving weight loss through natural methods or weight-loss surgery can be life changing for the person involved. Their outlook on life changes, their self-esteem improves and their confidence can soar through the roof.

Extreme weight loss however, can result in excess, sagging skin that can’t be banished through exercise or non-invasive surgery. This can be an impediment to living a healthy new lifestyle, often creating another obstacle on the way to becoming a slimmer, trimmer new you.

With high expectations of weight loss making all your problems disappear, being left with excess saggy skin can lead to deeper psychological problems that can completely take over your life and how you view your achievements.

Body sculpting after extreme weight loss can help you re-gain body confidence, allowing the full benefits of weight loss to be realised. Contouring the body will leave you with a smoother, firmer profile and will help you finally shed the ‘old you’.

The excess skin and stubborn pockets of fat around the abdomen arms and legs can impede your everyday tasks and hold you back from more intense forms of exercise. Similarly empty and saggy breasts can also leave you with an un-womanly figure and looking flat.

Having gained vast experience over the years both in the NHS and privately within the UK and abroad, I carry out the highly specialized procedure of removing excess skin and stubborn fat pockets from the trunk and limbs, so that you feel healthier, happier and firmer again. All this requires careful planning, implementing complex surgical skills, vision and body design.

My passion lies in helping people discover who they really are and walking away from my Clinic a brand new person, safe in the knowledge that they’re received the best pre and post-operative care.

If you are interested in learning more about weight loss or wish to discuss any other form of cosmetic surgery, then simply contact us for a confidential conversation.

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