The Questions Surrounding Celebrity Hair Transplants

Ever since Wayne Rooney lifted the lid on his hair transplant treatment more and more celebrities have been open to admitting to trying the procedure.

But it seems that the media has been just as interested in the procedure as celebrities themselves.

Since walking into the Celebrity Big Brother house many questions have been asked about David Gest’s hairline, or lack of it. Asking why, having invested in so many other surgical procedures wouldn’t he invest in a hair transplant?

(To see the reactions from the public on the night he went into the house, click here:

Then on the other hand, much loved TV drama actor, Jimmy Nesbitt was seen at the Ballon D’or awards ceremony sporting a very thick head of hair, throwing into question whether or not he’s invested in a wig.

As a big fan of hair transplants and undergoing two himself, many have been left wondering why Jimmy would then opt to showcase such a drastically different hair style at such a prestigious awards ceremony.

The Daily Telegraph have even dedicated an entire article to his hair, written by a journalist who has also benefitted from a hair transplant (see here:

Over the years David Beckham had shown signs of slow male pattern baldness, however the footballer still has a full head of hair; allowing him to style or effectively hide his moderate hair loss problems. Learn more about Beckham's hair problems over at Hair Revolution to see how he has dealt with hair loss problems.

Interestingly the Telegraph piece is more about a voyage of discovery for those who have experienced a hair transplant, to dispel the myths and even educated others on what the procedure entails.

Four key points the journalist in question points out are:

  1. People have no idea what a hair transplant really is

  2. It really, really works *

  3. It changes your life

  4. You notice everyone else who has had one

Going bald can have a major impact on men, denting their confidence and self-esteem and leaving them feeling less of a man, which is why hair transplants can have such a positive effect on the person experiencing hair loss.

If it’s something that you’ve been considering for some time then definitely do your research to find a clinic that appeals to you, research the surgeon, their history and previous results and then book a consultation to find out more.

Not all men are eligible for hair transplant surgery so it’s always best to attend an initial consultation to find out if you qualify and then discuss the options available to you.

As one of the country’s leading hair transplant specialists with clinics in London, Birmingham and Manchester, Dr. Mabroor Bhatty has performed hundreds of these procedures with great success.

To find out more about the procedure and whether or not you fit the criteria then get in touch today by calling 0800 086 8731 or email the team on

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