Are you summer ready?

The summer is not only a time when you book your holidays, bask in the sunlight and replace your winter wardrobe. It’s also the time of year where you can make a difference to how you feel, both physically and mentally. Whether you choose to start a Pilates course at your local gym, or join a running group at your local park; it’s the time of year where you can let loose and work on yourself.

Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how hard you try, there are some physical aspects of yourself you can’t change. Be it a receding hairline, heavy bags under your eyes or that extra weight you simply can’t strip off. Part of being self-confident and happy is making yourself as complete as you can be.

Whether you simply need to rejuvenate that ageing skin or increase the volume of your bust, Mabroor Bhatty is a highly-experienced surgeon who can aid you in reaching your potential, both physically and emotionally.

Some patients have been very apprehensive of having surgery under general anaesthesia, however, Mabroor offers many of his procedures listed below under local anaesthesia with mild sedation*.

Hair Transplants

Mabroor Bhatty is one of a handful surgeon in the UK who gives you more grafts per session than any other. This means you save more money by not needing as many sessions and allows Mabroor to devote his time to each tailored session. Whether you are a man or woman, having a receding hairline can be a confidence destroyer. It can make turn to head-scarfs or hats to cover yourself, leading to a life of compromise.

We believe that everyone should be comfortable and should not shy away from help. Book a consultation with Mabroor Bhatty’s team to hear how we can help you overcome your obstacles one step at a time.

Learn more about hair transplants here.

Contouring after extreme weight loss

There are some cases where you have undergone weight loss surgery, or have taken up an extreme diet to reduce weight. In such circumstances, individuals can be left with excess skin which can cause health problems. Mabroor Bhatty specialises in contouring after extreme weight loss to help remove that unwanted skin. He is one of a handful of surgeons to extend contouring surgery to these areas and has a very successful track record for producing positive results.

Learn more about contouring here.

Here is a list of all the other procedures Mabroor Bhatty performs:

For more information about stated or related surgical procedures, contact us at 0800 086 8731 or email us at

*Local or general anaesthetic procedures are location dependent.

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