Mabroor Bhatty at the Weight Loss National Meeting

Mabroor Bhatty was recently a keynote speaker at the National Meeting and AGM 2017 conference, organised by the WLS (Weight Loss Society).

Mabroor Bhatty was asked to come in and give a talk on Bariplastic Surgery or Body contouring after extreme Weight loss. The conference was held by the WLS, a charity body dedicated to creating awareness weight loss and the ways to combat it.

Mabroor Bhatty gave an insightful view into the history of Bariatric Surgery along with numerous case studies to show the difference in the results that can be achieved.

Mabroor was accompanied by two of his previous patients whom had agreed to act as models for the talk. They were there to advise and give their stories of their journey of Body Contouring surgery.

The conference was very informative for individuals who had little or no previous knowledge of the surgical procedure.

Mabroor Bhatty is accustomed to presenting and public speaking. For inquiries into keynotes and conference bookings please contact us through our contact page here.

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