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Post Bariatric Surgery (Weight loss Surgery)

The results of extensive weight loss, either by dieting, exercise or bariatric weight loss surgery (gastric banding or bypass), can be very dramatic but can leave excess/flabby skin which can be unsightly. 

In the majority of such cases, diet and exercise are unlikely to achieve the smooth contours that the patient would want. Therefore plastic surgery maybe the only option to lift and tighten the loose skin and make the most of your body transformation.

Dr Bhatty’s vast experience in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery has put him in a unique position of understanding the needs of such patients, and he provides a tailor-made solution to the patients’ needs.

With Dr Bhatty’s experience of the physical and psychological dilemma's a patient faces, alongside his careful attention to the patients’ needs, he is able to provide an effective solution and advise the patient to the correct sequence of procedures to achieve the desired goals.

Weight Loss

Popular Post-Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Post bariatric procedures are there to help patients reduce excess skin after extreme weight loss. To get an accurate evaluation of your needs, please contact us via one of our contact forms

Tummy Tuck

This operation involves careful incisions to remove surplus skin and fat deposits. The results are very striking. Learn more about Tummy tuck here.

Arm Lift

This procedure removes the excess or flabby skin left with dramatic weight loss. In weight loss patients, the effects of “bingo wings” nick-named after flabby upper arms, can be extreme.

Body Lift

Removing sections of excess tissue around the torso in a much bigger area than could be accomplished with a tummy tuck. There are a number of body lift techniques and procedures as requirements here do vary according to the individual

Buttock Lift

Excess skin on the bottom can be really unappealing and is resistant to treatment with exercise or creams. The excess skin can be carefully removed and any stubborn areas of fat liposculptured away to produce a lean, smooth and shapely silhouette.

Thigh Lift

Like the buttocks and arms, excess skin on the thighs can be a nuisance as it is out of proportion with the rest of the body. Precise surgical skill is required to tackle this delicate area.

We are one of the UK’s leading weight loss surgery provider and in cosmetic & hair transplant surgery and Dr Bhatty has carried out many “total makeovers” and understands the requirements very well, so you’re in safe hands.

"Mrs AC is one of our weight loss patients. She lost 8 stone and felt much healthier, however, she was unhappy with the loose and flabby skin which was unattractive and was causing her to become depressed after all the effort she had put in! First she had a tummy tuck to deal with the excess skin around her tummy area, from losing so much weight. She was delighted with the results, so then opted for a breast uplift as prior weight loss had left her with saggy, empty-looking breasts. Cosmetic surgery therefore, completed her transformation from obesity to achieve a stunning shape". * 


* Baritric surgery comes with a risk. We cannot guarantee that all results will be as successful as the ones mentioned above as each individual is different. Results may vary. To gain a better understanding of the results, Please contact us and book a consultation with Dr Bhatty. 

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